Anecdotal Fine Dining

Join Vanessa in her home for a truly memorable dining experience. Think beautiful food prepared with love and care and the freshest ingredients paired with travel memories…


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Our Story


Join us in our home for an anecdotal fine dining experience centered around our travels and love for food.


March Menu Concept


Inspired by our recent honeymoon in Northern Italy

May Menu Concept

Cape, SA

Inspired by our recent road trip down to the Cape

June Menu Concept

French Riveira

Ooh la la…..

 Memoires from our road trip along the French Riviera in our Rolls Royce

July Menu Concept

The Med

Our voyage takes us to Malta, Greece and Portugal, glorious, abundant Mediterranean delicacies…

August Menu Concept

Asia Pacific

French Polynesia, Singapore, Thailand… Turquoise water, white beaches, indulgent food…

September Menu Concept


and let’s go to Britain.


October Menu Concept

Our trip to the Azores

It was a feast for the senses! Not only is it one of the most spectacular islands we have visited, it has the most amazing array of fresh produce! Pimento, pineapples, beef, garlic and seafood are by far their specialities.


November Menu Concept

Our blood runs green and gold

Amongst all the celebration and eulellation of the Springboks winning the world cup, we decided to dedicate one of our dinners to them. We also had a best of 2019


December Menu Concept

Festive celebrations

my version of Christmas



What People are Saying

flavour explosion”

"In one word our eating experience was fantastic! But even more than that – each morsel of food was a taste and flavour explosion. Food pairing was interesting and delish. The dinner was a real treat. Do it – you won’t regret it ."


“We loved everything”

"It was such an outstanding dinner last night. We all loved everything. They all loved the atmosphere and your house. It was very different to what any of them had experienced."



“We’ve eaten all over the world, from Singapore to Italy, Germany to Thailand, Cape Town to Hong Kong … and let me tell you that “LoveUmuch Dining” is right up there with the world’s top restaurants! Not only in terms of the divine food, but also the unique experience, which is very much about being welcomed into the home belonging to Vanessa and Ross. It’s not just about the freshness of the food, nor is it exclusively about the taste … it’s the magic of everything combined that makes every mouthful something that you just want to repeat over and over again. Vanessa you can never stop what you are doing … ever!!! This is a must do for anyone who appreciates really good food and who loves and lives life to max!

Robert, Judith & Friends

"So delicious"

"We spent an amazing evening at LoveUmuch. Vanessa’s food took us on a wonderful journey and every course was so delicious. Thank you Ness and Ross, we will definitely be back ."



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